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A loving, caring, educational environment.

Welcome to Ross Country Day Preschool & Child Care! Since 1985, Ross Country Day Preschool & Child Care has been a popular child care center for parents who only want the best care for their child. Our Staff is very proud to be a partner in caring for your child during these important years of growth and development. We take our responsibility very seriously. Our staff is very stable and we have a low rate of turnover, which allows your child to enjoy a secure environment.


 Age                          Days          Weekly Tuition          9 – Noon Preschool
Infants/1 yr        T,TH             $125/$110                   not available
                                  M,W,F          $172/$150                  not available
                                 4/5 days       $245/$220                  not available
Under 3               T, TH                     $87                                        $28
                                 M,W,F                $131                                       $42
                                4/5 days             $180                                       $65
3 & 4 yrs             T,TH                     $82                                          $26
                                M,W,F                $117                                        $39
                               4/5 days             $168                                        $60
Kindergarten    T,TH                   $65
                                   M,W, F             $95
                                  4/5 days         $125
Elda & Morgan Before or After School          $51     all day fee $10 Before & After School                                              $76     all day fee $7
Middle School Before School                              $25     all day fee $10                                  After School                                 $53      all day fee $10                                  Before & After School            $65      all day fee $7
St. Joe/Q of P Before School                                $20 all day fee $10
                                After School                                   $53 all day fee $10
                                Before & After School              $65 all day fee $7
Summer Day & Mini-Camp                 T, Th             $82
                                                                              M,W,F        $117
                                                                             4/5 days     $168
Mini-Camp (entering kindergarten - 1 field trip a week)                       
                         Activity fee - full time $35/part time $25
Day Camp (1st grade & older - 3 field trips a week)
                           Activity Fee - full time $140/part time $95
Non-enrolled school-age child - $21 per day
Registration Fee - $50, Under 18 months $75
Optional Breakfast -  $2 per day

Full Day Rates* (includes preschool)

If we are able to accomodate a part time schedule other than M, W & F or T & Th, weekly tuition will be more than the standard rate. Also, we can only honor irregular schedules as long as we have another child to come on the opposing days.

9 am - Noon Preschool Rates* - includes lunch (school year only)

*Rates Are Subject to Change

Visiting Ross Country Day

Please call Leeanna to schedule a tour of our center.
We are open from 6am - 6pm, Monday through Friday.
playground at Ross Country Day Preschool & Child Care


Even a three-year-old understands the power and privilege of our flag! I asked my daughter to stand by the flag post so that I could get her picture. As she approached the flag post and saw the flag she immediately stopped and began to recite the pledge of allegiance. Wiping tears from my eyes I asked her where she learned how to say that. She simply replied, "at school". I wanted to take a moment and thank the two of you and your staff for all the great things you have taught my children at Ross Country Day. This includes recognizing the need for teaching our young ones the importance of our great flag!!! 
                                        God Bless America!

I had looked all over the area for good affordable child care. My son was able to stay with family members until he was 18 months. When I had to look for daycare it was a hard decision for me. I am happy to say I made the right choice sending my son to Ross Country Day. When he first started going there being the new mom they made me feel at home I would call and check on him. It was a wonderful feeling to know he was not only in good childcare it is a GREAT childcare center! If you can't stay home with your children I say they ARE the next BEST choice! I miss them all! Ladies you are wonderful good caring down to earth people.

                                         God Bless All Of You!  

Our service areas

Ohio: Ross, Millville, Okeana, Hamilton, Fairfield, Colerain Township, Oxford
Indiana: West Harrison, Brookville
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