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About Us

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Professional and Loving Staff   

  • Very Low Turnover   

  • Average Child Care/Preschool Experience - 12 years   

    • 3 have Bachelor Degrees     

  • Director/Owner is a Registered Nurse


Program Information

  • Excellent Preschool Program

  • Large Playground

  • Nutritional Hot Lunch

  • Part Time & Full Time

  • Reasonable Rates

  • Before & After School Programs

  • Summer Day Camp - 2 field trips a week



Step Up to Quality is for centers who accept publicly funded

child care.  We do not accept publicly funded child care so

we do not participate in the Step Up to Quality Program.


 We just can't express how grateful we are   for all of you.  Jacob has been so happy   being  there the last 8 years! You all helped   us shape him into the great person he is.  We   will miss you all so much!  

 Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


 Thank you so very much for making our   experience in preschool for Brooklyn such a   positive one!  I'm so grateful we decided to   have you be a part of our girl's life.  She   arrived a 3 year old, shy and unsure.  She   leaves as a brave, confident and outgoing 5   year old!  Thank you! 


 To the amazing staff at RCD:

 There are no words to adequately express   the love and deep appreciation that we feel   for you.  Your commitment and consistency in   caring for our little girl provide a peace of   mind that is a complete gift from God.   Knowing she is loved and treasured makes   this momma's heart gleam.  Thank you for   blessing our family!  


Even a three-year-old understands the power and privilege of our flag! I asked my daughter to stand by the flagpole so that I could get her picture. As she approached the flagpole and saw the flag, she immediately stopped and began to recite the pledge of allegiance. Wiping tears from my eyes, I asked her where she learned to say that.  She simply replied, "at school". I wanted to take a moment and thank the two of you and your staff for all the great things you have taught my children at Ross Country Day.  This includes recognizing the need for teaching our young ones the importance of our great flag!!! God Bless America!

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